My travel experience in My Tho

Hi there, I just got back from Vietnam. Well, nice people, some traffic problems, but it’s not a good deal. Below, I am listing some of my experiences in My Tho , one of the biggest cities in South Eastern Vietnam . Hope you travel well!

my tho travel experience

Get in and get out
• By motor-bike
The distance from Ho Chi Minh city to My Tho is about 72 km. It will be taking 2 hours driving on 50 highways or 1st highways.
You can drive a motor-bike by your-self slightly by 50 highways. It will be taking more time but you gain more fun.
• By bus
The bus route from Saigon to My Tho starts at the western bus station and stop at the Tien Giang bus station
The Western bus station, address: 395 Kinh Duong Vuong, Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh city.
The Tien Giang bus station, address: 42 Ap Bac , My Tho , Tien Giang

Places to visit in Mytho
• Buu Lam temple
Located on district 3, My Tho city, built in 1742 when the Nguyen Lord was expanding to the South. At first, it was just a small temple. But war by war, it was rebuilt 3 times 1803, 1905 and 1985. It was granted for a certification of national culture.
• Vinh Trang temple
Open in 1849 by Su Hue Dang, a monk from Gia Dinh. At first, its name was Vinh Truong but the local people pronounce it to the wrong way “Vinh Trang’’. Especially, this temple has 2 elements of the nature : sun angel and moon angel. This temple is also granted the certification of national culture.
• Tien Giang museum
It was grand opening from September 2000. It’s saving more than 20.000 image, paper works about Tien Giang province. You can even find the image and information about Vietnamese civil war in here.\

Places to stay in Mytho
• Chuong Duong hotel , address : 10st, 30/4 street, district 1, My Tho city
• Song Tien hotel , address : 101 Trung Trac street , district 1, My Tho city
• Rang Dong hotel , address : 25st, 30/4 street, district 1, My Tho city

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