Top Vietnam travel blogs you should read & follow

There are top Vietnam travel blogs you should read & follow, we carefully selected Vietnam Travel Blogs. Hope you love them.

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Stickyrice is a food blog. It is all things you love Eating, drinking, sitting, watching.

“Even living in Hanoi finding the best can be elusive. Sure there are tons of places, but which ones are the most delicious? Locations open and close at the drop of a hat, completely change style over a weekend or are carried around constantly moving.
If the greatest tastes are in the restaurants or in the pokey alleyway stalls, we want to find out. We’re going to give it a go anyway…”

Adam Bray is a travel writer who has an adventures through Vietnam, Cambodia, New Zealand and all around Southeast Asia and the Pacific.
He has more 25 titles published by Insight Guides, DK Eyewitness, Berlitz, Thomas Cook, and Things Asian
The never-ending adventures of a travel writer in Vietnam, Cambodia, New Zealand and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

“I live in the countries I write about and I’m often on the move, so the excitement never stops. Catch me from time to time in the media as well. I have contributed to numerous stories for CNNGo and CNN, as well as BBC, Nat Geo and many others.”

Vietnam720 is a travel blog of a Singaporean who working and living in Vietnam. The author traveled to Vietnam on June 2005, one year later he decided to live and work in Vietnam. Sold everything in Singapore and moved here. He was a a photographer, blogger, tour manager, social media manager,…

Hello Saigon
Hello Saigon is an attempt by a two five years resident to make sense of the beauty and quirks of this lovely and vibrant city that is Saigon.

“I know, I know, Saigon is officially named Ho Chi Minh City — after it’s most famous and decorated president (who we lovingly call), Uncle Ho BUT I love the word “Saigon”. It sounds more historic and romantic.
Don’t know Uncle Ho? Just look at your Vietnamese Dong and see the long lost brother of Col. Sanders.”

TVO314 is a Vietnam and Asia photo blog. The owner is Tyler – a guy who’s living in Vietnam.

“I hope this blog allows family, friends and whoever else a glimpse into my life in Vietnam and my other travels through photos and words. But primarily, this is just a means to motivate me to get out there and shoot more often and record more thoughts. So if someone else enjoys it, then all the better.”

Swansonfamily Travels
Swanson Family (4 persons) felt in love with the lifestyle in Vietnam and decided to living in Ho Chi Minh City.

“We are really enjoying living and teaching in Vietnam. There are a whole new set of challenges to conquer, and we love the adventure. Check out the blog entries for my ramblings of day-to-day expat life, reviews of tourist attractions, and a few hilarious stories from our adventures in Saigon and elsewhere in Southeast Asia.”

Lonely Girl Travels
Lauren Quinn is a freelance writer and recovering poet, she is living in Hanoi. Lonely Girl Travels was a blog of her sola travels and expat living from 2009 to 2012. She resides elsewhere on the internet now.

Alice’s Adventures in Vietnam-land
Alice’s Adventures in Vietnam-land is blog of Alice – a American Girl from NYC who travel and live in Vietnam. All articles in this blog are her thinking about life, work,…

Alexander comes from Eugene, Oregon, but I currently live in the southern part of Vietnam, in Saigon. He said his blog is a blog of a american in saigon. This blog is everything about his feeling: fotos, video,…

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