Cat Tien National Park

Cat Tien National Park is estimated as the reserve of natural resources in Vietnam with lots of rare, specious and endemic genes of fauna and flora, as plentiful site for scientists, domestic and foreign tourists.
The natural area of Cat Tien National Park is 71.920ha wide including the South of Cat Tien (Dong Nai province) 39.627ha; Cat Loc (Lam Dong province) 27.850ha; the West of Cat Tien (Binh Phuoc province 4.4431-ha).
Cat Tien National Park is part of the wet tropical forest complex and one of the specious natural forests remaining in Vietnam. That is why this area is significant not only in Vietnam but in the world as well. The diversity of the Park has been recognized by WWF when this international organization selected the Park as one of 200 global ecological zones including the land and its water area with its wellknown biological diversity. In 2001 Cat Tien National Park has been listed by UNESCO as the 411th biosphere Reserve Zone in the world.

Get in & get out
Getting to Cat Tien National Park from Ho Chi Minh city by motorbike or bus.
Travel to Cat Tien National Park by motorbycle is so exciting. Follow the No.1 National Road (Quoc lo 1), ride to Dau Giay corner, turn left (No.20 Nationlal Road – to Da lat). At Ta Lai corner (the difference name is km Number 125), turn left. After 24km, you see Nam Cat Tien Namtional Park. It’s take about 4 hours to travel by motorbike.

1. Go to Mien Dong bus station (ben xe Mien Dong) and buy a bus ticket to Nam Cat Tien at ticket counter No 5 – Kim Hoan Bus Ticket Box
Kim Hoan Bus
Time departure at Mien Dong bus station: 6H50-7H-9H-12H-13H45-14H45-16H.
Time departure at Nam Cat Tien: 3H-6H-7H-8H30-12H-13H-14H.
Hotlines: (061) 379.1133 – 360.5233

Mien Dong Bus Station
292 Dinh Bo Linh, Ward No.26, Binh Thanh Dist, Ho Chi Minh City

2. Lots of buses ( listed below) depart daily from Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat. Travelling by these buses, you should ask to drop you off at Tân Phú post office (buu dien Tan Phu), known as a bus stop right at the juntion to Cat Tien National Park, then you can either hire Park’car or motorbike for a distance of 24 km to Cat Tien National Park.

Getting to Cat Tien National Park from Da Lat city
Many local buses travel back and forth between Da Lat and Ho Chi Minh city on National Highway 20, but none reach the Park. So you’d better take tourist buses to Tan Phu post office ( bus stop) where you continue the remaining 24km to the Park by Park’s car or motorbike.

Transportations from Tân Phú post office ( bus stop ) to Cat Tien National Park (24km):
1. Park’s car: If you book it in advance and stay overnight at Park’s hotel, you will get picked up on your arrival and returned on your departure with a favorable price of 640,000VND.

2. Motorbike: a bit harder for you if you’ve ever done it before. and the price is currently ranging from 120,000 to 150,000VND for one way.

1. Cat Tien National Park’s hotel with the capacity of 50 rooms.

2. Guest houses in residental area are approximately 500 to 1,000m away from the Park.

3. Camping: You can camping at the camping area in Cat Tien.

4. Guesthouse in Bau Sau: there are 3 rooms in Bau Sau for travellers staying (the maximum is 16 people). So you must book the room before. (This is the best itinerary in Cat Tien).


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